Top 10 Kung Fu Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

Top 10 Kung Fu Podcasts You Must Watch In 2021

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1. Kung Fu Drive-In

Kung Fu Drive-In

New Jersey, USA Join me on this kung fu movie podcast and discuss, debate, and analyze past, present and future kung fu movies, martial arts movies and action movies, then interview people create them. Regularity 1 episode/month , Average length 37 minutes The words February 2016 Also in Martial arts podcasts
Facebook Fans 716 Twitter Followers 4.7K Instagram Followers 1.3K Domain Authority 20 ⋅ Alexa Rating 4.2K Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

2. The kung fu guys

kung fu brothers

New York, NY Two Dudes from New York talking about Kung Fu and other stuff. The Dudes of Kung Fu is currently the number one podcast discussing Wing Chun and Trieu Quyen Dao. It may well be the only person discussing BOTH, but that doesn’t change the facts. The Dudes not only continue to have great conversations, but invite great guests as well. Regularity 13 episodes/year, Average length 59 minutes
1.6K Facebook Fans 415 Twitter Followers 653 Instagram Followers 22 Social Interactions Domain Authority 86 Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

3. Kung Fu movie guide

Kung Fu Movie Guide

Welcome to the Kung Fu Movie Guide Podcast. Hear exclusive, in-depth interviews with actors, stuntmen, directors, choreographers and screenwriters discussing their careers and passion for martial arts cinema. Hosted by Ben Johnson, the creator of Regularity 1 episode/week, Average length 79 minutes
Facebook Fans 2.8K Twitter Followers 93.6K Instagram Followers 23.5K Social Engagement 3 94 Domain Authority Alexa Rating 91 Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

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4. KungFu Podcast

KungFu Podcast

The audience of this show is some of the best and sharpest Boxers in the world. TW Smith brings martial arts stories to life by examining the Culture, Adventures and Impact of Martial Arts, through the lens of history, research, lore and legend. Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Karate, BJJ and many other systems as well as sports like MMA are included. Regularity 1 episode/month , Average length 25 minutes
Facebook Fans 548 Twitter Followers 1.1K Instagram Followers 231 Domain Authority 23 Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

5. Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu

Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu

Shaolin Chi Mantis was founded in 1992 to teach traditional northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan, and Confucian strategy in a maximum-security prison in Utah. This podcast will allow us to share our teachings with more people than our students. Regularity 3 episodes/quarter , Average length of 30 minutes
43.7K Instagram Followers Social Engagement 1 Domain Authority 83 Alexa Rank 2.9K Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

6. Chaos | asexual actor

Luan Luan |  asexual actor

WE From the Far East, to the Great West, the podcast celebrates the red-haired stepchild of the Kung fu genre. Bruceploitation! My Michael Worth Foundation and Matthew Whitaker. Regularity 1 episode/quarter , Average length 70 minutes The words July 2017
Facebook Fans 244 Twitter Followers 3.3K Instagram Followers 218 Domain Authority 25 Watch the latest episodes Get contact email

7. Austin Kung Fu Academy Podcast

Kung Fu Academy Austin Podcast

The official podcast of Austin Kung-Fu Academy. They practice the self-defense basics of jiu jitsu, Choy Lay Fut kung-fu, and tai chi. We want to create a community that practices martial arts self-defense to develop mind, body and spirit in a very safe, cooperative and friendly atmosphere. Regularity 30 episodes/year The words January 2018
Facebook Fans 1.2K Twitter Followers 154 Instagram Followers 348 Domain Authority 24 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

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