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Jetpack comes with lots of modules to help you use contact forms, use infinite scroll, shortcodes and much more. These features can help make your self-hosted WordPress site just as powerful as those hosted on However, there is a downside that comes with the tool, it only works for you online and when logged into

Basically, you can just use all these features on a live website. Upon activating the plugin, you will immediately see this persistent banner appear at the top of the Dashboard.

Want to know how to make it work offline so you can develop your theme in peace? This is the way. note: before installing Jetpack, make sure your site is running WordPress 3.8 or higher.

Jetpack 2.2.1

Since version 2.2.1, Jetpack has introduced Development Mode, which informs Jetpack that we are in development and it will enable features. Add the following line wp-config.php after WP_DEBUG row.

 định nghĩa ('JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', đúng); 

If you don’t want to edit wp-config.php or if you don’t have access to the file, you can install this plugin, Run Jetpack locally, instead. It’s a small plugin that contains the following line (basically an alias JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG).

 add_filter ('jetpack_development_mode', '__return_true'); 

Now, go to Jetpack > Settings Page. You will see that the banner is now gone and Jetpack is officially in Local Development Mode.

Jetpack is now available offline. Some add-ons will now be enabled, including Infinite Scroll. These activated plugins can work independently of the connection to the API. However, other features like Photon and Statistics will require the API.

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An alternative route

If you are not satisfied with the fact that only some features are enabled, there is a way to make them all work while keeping Jetpack running offline.

First of all, let’s make our local website accessible online so that we can connect to; To do so, we will use Local.

Once you have it installed, run the following command in Terminal to put your local server directory online. If you are using MAMP, the directory is most likely located at “/Applications/MAMP/htdocs”.

 lt --80 

Now Localtunnel will give you the address where you can access localhost in the browser, like so:

Before you access the website through the given address, you will need to access phpMyAdmin or other similar applications that allow you to look at the website’s database. Open the website database and go to wp_options table. Then change the website URL in trang web and nhà to point to localtunnel, like so.

Access and log in to the website through the new address. Since your site is now online, will be able to access and connect to your site.

And we go, we have a website connected to WordPress.comand you can use all the modules in Jetpack.

Remind: Don’t forget to pass the site address in the wp_options table back later.

What’s next?

You may be wondering that in case we are developing multiple websites offline, should we connect each site in localhost to in this way? Well, you don’t have to.

Once you have 1 website in localhost connected, you can simply copy jetpack_option value to other sites. To do so, go to phpMyAdmin. inside wp_options table of the site you connected to, copy all the values ​​of jetpack_optionas follows:

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Paste the value into other sites where Jetpack is already enabled. Now, as you can see below, we can enable and use all the modules offline in other websites that we are developing locally.

Remember that this trick is meant to allow us to use Jetpack while we are testing it with our theme or plugin during development. If you have your website online, you should connect it properly.

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