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If you are a WordPress user, then you surely know how important it is to keep backup copies of our files and databases as there is always a risk of losing your data. How? your site can be hacked (WordPress security level or server security level). What’s the worst? You may lose all files and databases. There are a lot of ways to enhance the security of your WordPress blog but we still think one of the best is to take regular backups so you can reinstall your files or content and get back to your posts. immediately if the site is compromised.

Here, we have selected some plugins and services that can be helpful in backing up your WordPress files and database. Full list after the jump.

WordPress Plugins

These plugins are used to backup important data, files, tables and save them to your archive or any online storage for free or for a nominal price. Schedule automatic storage and manage your entire database with these.

WP-DB Backup

The WP-DB-Backup plugin creates a backup of your core database tables and other tables in the database and gives you the option to save the backup data to your server or download it to your computer. your computer or save the file you back up via email with you.

WordPress DB Manager

A complete plugin to optimize, repair, backup, restore and delete backup databases and also to run your queries powered by WP-DB Manager. Also manage automatic backup scheduling and manage your entire database.


Other than backing up your WordPress Blog database and files, the BackWPup plugin optimizes database check & repair, storing backups to Folders, FTP Servers, Amazon S3, RackSpaceClous and send logs or backups via e-mail.

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Online Storage

Backing up your data means storing it in a safe place that will also retrieve your data at a much faster rate. These online storage options help you check your data, where you can share, upload, and edit your files.


Automatically sync your files or your WordPress data of any size online and also as changes and new files are detected and store them on Dropbox’s secure servers. Share and control access to your files with others. Get 2 GB storage for free and up to 100 GB for premium use.

I drive

IDrive gives you the conveniences of Automatic and Continuous Backup, Actual Archive, Versioning, Disk Backup and more with free 2 GB of online backup in IDrive Basic Plan and storage 150 – 500 GB for premium users and 50 GB for Multi-user for Business under the IDrive Pro plan.


Binfire offers File Storage, Collaboration and Project Management website in free version with 10GB storage, 200MB file upload, Private & Project web directory, File Lock, Membership Permissions , Whiteboards, Status Reports, Visual Tasks & Milestones for projects and more.

Backup Service

Backup services back up your blogs and safely store them and restore them in the event of a problem and provide you with many other services such as upgrading your instances, allowing you to control your data, migrate to a new server, and more.


blogVault creates a backup of your blog, including posts, comments, images, plugins, themes and full stylesheets by copying them to its secure and powerful servers allowing you to Restore content at any time easily.

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Backupify is a service that backs up archives, cloud accounts, SaaS data, WordPress data, and social media files daily to the Amazon S3 cloud with excellent security and a data duplication policy. Whether. You can not only back up your data, but also control your data independently.

Backup friends

Buddy Backup schedules and backs up your data to Amazon S3 servers or e-mail or FTP/FTPS accounts, Restore your WordPress site with themes, widgets, plugins, etc., on the same machine host or move it to a new host with a new name and domain like Sandbox or Playground site. Upgrade to newer versions of plugins in the WP Dashboard


VaultPress protects everything from our plugins, themes, comments, post-modifications with WordPress multi-cloud backups. Update your blogs with hot fixes and protect them with zero-day vulnerabilities.

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