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WordPress 4.4 was just released today and we played around with this latest offer to see what shiny new features we could find. This new version ships with quite a few improvements that are set to drive WordPress developers crazy. It could even shape the future of WordPress in the JavaScript-centric era.

In this post, we will look at 10 new WordPress 4.4 features that you should check out.

1. Embed Posts Anywhere

For years, you could embed content on your website, like YouTube videos or tweets, through the use of a feature called oEmbed. Well, the good news is that WordPress adopted this feature in 4.4 and now you can easily embed content anywhere on your site just by taking the URL of the post and pasting it into the content editor. dung. The preview of the post you embed will appear on your page, something like this:

If for some reason you feel that you don’t want to use this feature, then you can disable it by installing the disable embedding plugin.

2. Working with responsive images

As devices and their screens grow larger, designers must also work with larger images. The bad news is that this contributes to slower page load times. So maybe it’s a good time that WordPress now supports responsive images on your theme.

Test images using Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

In this update, WordPress added two more attributes to your images on top of the layer attributes for alignment (left, center, or right): srcset and kích cỡ. These attributes allow images on post thumbnails, photo galleries, and other images to be delivered at the right size based on the viewport.

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So on each image you will see the output source code like so:


3. New theme: Twelve sixteen

Twenty Sixteen is a brand new default theme for WordPress 4.4. It is designed to have a traditional blog format.

Twenty Sixteen works perfectly for blogs or websites, includes optional sidebars, custom color options with beautiful default color scheme, harmonious fluid grid, large image overflow display, ability to add borders Intro to posts with custom snippets and other polished features.

4. Introduction to REST API

WordPress 4.4 brings the REST API infrastructure to Core. This API handles routing, argument handling, JSON serialization, status codes, as well as functions for creating custom REST API endpoints. This is great news for developers. With this infrastructure, developers can finally build their own APIs for their themes, plugins, even mobile or desktop apps.

Visit this page, Adding a Custom Endpoint, to learn how to register a custom API endpoint.

5. Custom taxonomy term meta

In previous versions of WordPress, we were able to add custom fields to posts and pages via the term meta. Now WordPress has added this feature for taxonomy objects.

For example, about the Category taxonomy, we might want to add a custom field, namely hình ảnh thể loại to highlight the featured image of the post per category. In this version we can do this using the following functions: add_term_meta (), update_term_meta (), xóa_term_meta ()and get_term_meta ().

6. Single post template file

In this version, WordPress has included a new template file on the theme hierarchy that will be used as a post or custom post type. This feature is useful when you are targeting a specific post, to give ‘special’ styles to that page so that it looks different from other pages. You will have a sample file with a name like below:

đơn- post_type - post_name .php

For example, here I have a custom post type named sách that I want to make a “bestselling book” post. So I create một cuốn sách bán chạy nhất.php then adjust the style to apply only to this page. Finally, I changed the post slug to yoursite.com/book/bestseller to apply special page.

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LEFT: Standard Articles, RIGHTS: Bestselling Book Posts

7. Comments improved

WordPress has rearranged the comment form, where the comment field is displayed first, followed by the name and email fields below. This improvement is the answer to the problem of different comment behavior for logged in and logged out users.

On the backend, comments are now represented by WP_Ver object. This allows you to make comments in a more object-oriented (OOP) manner with more powerful comment queries.

8. Title hierarchy

WordPress is improving the title hierarchy on the dashboard screen with the aim of assisting users with assistive technologies like screen readers. This is important because assistive technologies use these headers to find information and the keyboard to navigate to relevant content.

Let’s say they use the 1 key to jump first h1 then press 2 to jump to h2. With the correct header hierarchy, no title level will be missed.

With this revision, a page like wp-admin / edit.php now there will be posts like h1 and “Filter Post List” and “Post List” like h2is visually hidden with .trình đọc màn hình CSS class.

When the screen reader is activated, then hide h2 will read.

9. Multisite: Add WP_Network

WordPress introduces a new audience WP_Network to make it easy to interact in a multisite network. This class is used during loading to fill in $ current_site global variables and set the current network.

There are other new functions coming to version 4.4 to include in network options; they are add_network_option (),update_network_option (), get_network_option ()and xóa_network_option ().

10. Faster custom load times

In WordPress 4.4, there are improvements that make customization options load faster. Some of these improvements include reducing the maximum memory usage of the Customizer and delaying the embedding of Customizer widget controls until the widget area is expanded and the widget controls are actually visible to the user. . This results in 10x faster load times. Another improvement in inline JavaScript documentation to help developers know how it works.

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