Top 10 Maritime Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2021

1. Marine executives

Maritime Operations Manager

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA About the magazine The marine industry’s leading source for up-to-date marine and marine news including shipping news, offshore news, pirate news, etc. Regularity 30 posts/week Also in Navy Blog, Lauderdale Blog Magazine
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2. Maritime Reporter Magazine | maritime link

Maritime Correspondent Magazine |  maritime link

New York, USA About the magazine TECHNICAL NEWS AND MARINE REPORTS is the premiere magazine serving owners/operators of commercial and naval ships, boats and barges, offshore drilling, shipbuilding, ship repair, boat building and repair, marine engineers, naval architects and other industries. Regularity 17 posts/day Also in Ocean blog Magazine
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3. Journal of Maritime Logistics

Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine

New York About the magazine The Maritime Logistics Professional Magazine hosts the latest news and insightful commentary from industry experts, as well as maritime-focused contact groups, discussion forums, and unlimited opportunities to Connect with industry experts and peers around the world. Regularity 4 posts/day Magazine professional
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4. Maritime Gateway Magazine | India’s Premiere Maritime Business Magazine

Maritime Gateway Magazine |  India's Premiere Maritime Business Magazine

Hyderabad, India About the magazine Maritime Gateway is a monthly business magazine serving the ports, shipping and logistics sectors. With its insightful and in-depth features, interviews, news reports and world trends, Maritime Gateway is the preferred source of information, circulated in India and Southeast Asia. Regularity 13 posts/day Magazine
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5. SWZ Maritime Magazine

Maritime magazine SWZ

About the magazine SWZ Maritime, formerly known as Schip en Werf de Zee, has been the leading Dutch brand for technical professionals in the marine industry for over 75 years. Every month, the magazine brings readers the latest developments and news from all areas of the maritime industry. Regularity 2 posts/day Magazine
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6. Danish Maritime | Danish Maritime Magazine

Danish Maritime |  Danish Maritime Magazine

Denmark About the magazine Maritime Denmark provides users with a very quick overview of the most important events in the maritime sector of Denmark and the rest of the Maritime World. Regularity 30 articles/quarter Also in Danish Blog Magazine
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7. Journal of Marine Logs | America’s leading maritime magazine

Marine Diary Magazine |  America's leading maritime magazine

New York, NY About the magazine For more than 135 years, the Diary has been considered the ‘source’ of maritime news. As America’s most respected maritime industry every month, we provide industry professionals with the information they need. Shipping, shipbuilding, offshore, maritime security and marine engineering information from America’s leading maritime magazine Regularity 10 posts/week Magazine
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8. Maritime Magazine

maritime magazine

About the magazine A bilingual Canadian-owned publication, Maritime Magazine specializes in in-depth maritime/multimodal/logistics coverage of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence, commercial activities in the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as well as the development of Arctic shipping, with features and timely news in analytical and journalistic reach. Magazine
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9. InDepth Maritime Magazine

InDepth Maritime Magazine

About the magazine InDepth Maritime is an innovative and forward-looking maritime magazine that delivers the latest news from the industry and with unparalleled insider knowledge, ensuring that you stay up to date with new products. , improvements, policies, mergers and acquisitions. It is an ideal place to learn more about the marine, marine and offshore industries and their latest news. Magazine
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