Top 10 Innovation Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2021

1. Innovator Magazine

About the magazine Innovators Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2020. Since 2015, the Magazine, curated for innovators – by innovators, has partnered with partners across Europe and around the world. demand to produce digital publications, lead events, and lead new initiatives. Regularity 2 posts/week Magazine innovator
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2. Innovation & Technology Today

Innovation & Technology Today

USA About the magazine An award-winning science and technology publication dedicated to sustainability, STEM education, games, etc. Innovation & Technology Today brings you the top stories and news that influence you . From Sustainability & STEM to Recreation. Today’s Innovation & Technology Include it! Regularity 12 posts/week Also in technology magazine Magazine
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3. Health care innovation

Health care innovation

USA About the magazine Healthcare Innovation brings together the largest regional series of health technology events in the United States, bringing together healthcare leaders from the entire healthcare ecosystem – hospitals, clinics, physician groups, payers, ACOs and HIEs – to encourage dialogue to drive action in the healthcare transition. It offers a bimonthly print magazine and digital edition, a daily e-newsletter and a comprehensive website. Regularity 10 posts/week Magazine
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4. Smithsonian Magazine » Innovation

Smithsonian Magazine » Innovation

USA About the magazine puts a Smithsonian lens on the world, examining the themes and themes studied, researched and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution – science, history, art, popular culture and innovation. Stay tuned for everything about Innovation at the Smithsonian Magazine. Regularity 4 posts/week Magazine
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5. Business & Innovation Magazine

Business & Innovation Magazine

UK About the magazine The Business & Innovation Magazine is an essential source of information on business & industry covering four counties in the south-west of England. We focus on innovative new businesses across all sectors. Regularity 30 posts/week Magazine
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6. Creative Zone | Enlighten the world with innovation

InnovativeZone |  Enlighten the world with innovation

India About the magazine InnovativeZone Magazine is the Best Magazine in India providing Innovative Business News, Startup News, Success Stories, Breaking News etc. InnovativeZone takes you on an excursion of creativity and innovation Unparalleled new developments are taking place across the globe in many different fields. Regularity 7 posts/week Magazine
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7. Global Innovation Magazine

Global Innovation Magazine

England, United Kingdom About the magazine Global Innovation Magazine is an innovation-focused publication. Hello and welcome to Global Innovation Magazine. We started back in 2013 as a digital magazine that we publish for free 4 times a year. It’s pretty simple, we want to share the excitement of innovation and that’s what we’ve done with thousands of readers. We’ve interviewed and worked with some of the world’s leading companies, organizations and people trying to innovate and bring their ideas to life. Regularity 10 articles/year Magazine
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