Top 10 Hiking Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

1. Australians climb mountains

Australians hiking

Australia About podcasts Australian Hiker is a source of information on all things hiking in Australia as well as providing a Southern Hemisphere look at overseas hiking. Let us do all the research for you. The Australian Hiker Podcast is Australia’s most downloaded hiking podcast with regular podcasts released every two weeks including equipment and trail reviews as well as hiking practices including: includes formulas and skills. Regularity 2 episodes/month, Average length 42 minutes Also in Australia Podcasts Audio files
5.2K Facebook Fans 409 Twitter Followers 2K Instagram Followers 24 Domain Authority ⋅ Alexa Rating 1.2M Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

2. Trail performance

Trail Exhibition

rock, CO About podcasts The Trail Show is a monthly hiking podcast that showcases the best beers, trails, and more to satisfy your travel cravings. The heart of this podcast is all things hiking, but it doesn’t take long for its goofy hosts to stray into tangents and side conversations. Signing up for The Trail Show is like signing up to sit around a campfire once a month. Regularity 1 episode/week, Average length 134 minutes The words June 2012 Also in Adventure Podcast Audio files
Facebook Fans 3.6K Twitter Followers 2.8K Instagram Followers 3K Social Engagement 2 ⋅ Domain Authority 33 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

3. Hiking

Long walk

About podcasts Join us as we ask experienced hikers for all their hiking gear recommendations, techniques, strategies, trail food, trail angels and also get some of their knowledge and insight on hiking trails around the world including the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, John Muir Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail Ocean, etc. New episodes are available weekly. Regularity 1 episode/month , Average length 94 minutes The words December 2018 Also in Hiking podcast Audio files
349 Facebook Fans 4.4K Instagram Followers 12 Social Interactions ⋅ Domain Authority 16 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

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4. Broken Lanyard: Climber’s Podcast

Broken Lanyard: Hiker's Podcast

About podcasts Broken Laces is a hiker podcast featuring stories from people in the outdoor industry. Hear how policy advocates, park rangers, trail angels, weekend backpackers, hikers, and authors work on brewery and go-to proposals. outdoor hiking in every episode. Regularity 1 episode/week , Average length of 31 minutes Audio files
Facebook Fans 565 Instagram Followers 109 Domain Authority 8 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

5. Walk or die

Rise Or Die

Australia About podcasts We love documenting and sharing our outdoor adventures with the world. We love hiking, kayaking, jungle, survival, archery, camping, fishing, 4X4 vehicles and all the gear that comes with it. Check us out here and on social media and get inspired for your next adventure. Regularity 1 episode/quarter , Average length 153 minutes Audio files
574 Facebook Fans 1.5K Twitter Followers 1.8K Instagram Followers 12 Domain Authority ⋅ Alexa Rank 10.5 million Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

6. Granite girls


About podcasts Alexandra and Sage Herr, hikers of all teen seasons, interview women who hike New Hampshire’s most beautiful and craggy mountains. Regularity 1 episode/quarter , Average length 28 minutes The words April 2017 Also in Women Outdoors Podcast Audio files
Twitter Followers 3 Social Engagement 40 ⋅ Domain Authority 13 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

7. The Trail Dames Podcast

The Trail Dames Podcast

About podcasts In the Trail Dames Podcast, we talk to ‘women who love to dance on this earth.’ We are a support group of women hiking. Some will make you laugh, some may make you cry, but all will inspire you to join us and dance on this earth. Regularity 1 episode/day, average length of 29 minutes The words March 2018 Audio files
Facebook Fans 251 Twitter Followers 132 Domain Authority 17 Watch the latest episodes Receive contact email

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