The Ultimate Guide to WordPress / WordPress Post Modification

One of the best things about WordPress is its built-in revision control system. You don’t have to worry that you lose your previously written version, as each revision is save separately in the database and you can easily move back and forth between them.

WordPress’ revision system works similar to code version control systems like Git or Subversion, only it almost fully automatic (you don’t have to bother with the command line stuff). It gives space for a advanced content management processes and considerable reduce the risk of content loss.


Revision management is somewhat hidden in the WP admin, because it no separate menu in the sidebar.

You can access it from either “Edit Post” (Bài viết> Tất cả bài viết> Chỉnh sửa) or “Edit page” screen (Trang> Tất cả các trang> Chỉnh sửa). The “Modify” menu is located just to the right of the WordPress editor, inside the “Publish” box. Click the “Browse” button to access the edit management screen.

The revision management screen allows you to check the difference between different versions of your article. The main part of the page is uploaded Other comparison tools.

The text strings that have been removed from the old version are red markwhile the strings added in the next version are marked in green.

There is another way to access edits from the “Edit Post” (or “Edit Page”) screen. Open the “Screen Options” menu at the top of the page, and check “Modify” Option. It add an extra box below the WordPress editor from where you can access the revisions.

As you can see below, “Modify” the box list all the modifications you have. You can easily select the one you want to see by clicking on it.

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Make a revision

So how can you create versions? As I mentioned before, WordPress’ revision system is pretty automatic. Whenever you save an article or a page, a new revision is created in the database and a new item appears on the “Modify” screen.

Automatic car

WordPress also generates revisions by auto save feature. Auto save as enabled for all posts and pages by default and you can’t turn it offhowever it can auto interval change (see below). The default value of autosave is 60 seconds.

You don’t have to worry about having too many autosaves in the database, like new autosaves overwrite the old ones. Autosaves do not rewrite posts (as regular versions do), they are stored as special modification type. Their sole purpose is to allow you restore automatic backup if your browser unexpectedly shuts down.

Compare revisions

You can compare two versions by move range slider the top of the Edit screen. You can also Use “Previous” and “Next” buttons to change the position of the slider.

Note that on this screen, you revisions cannot be editedjust check the difference between them.

By default, you can compare two adjacent versions. However, if you check “Compare any two versions” checkbox you can also see the difference between post versions without each other.

When this check box is selected, the range slider be held by two hands and a “From city to city” box appears below it so you can easily see the two versions you are comparing.

Restore previous modification

You can rollback any previous modifications by selecting the revision you want to restore and clicking “Restore this revision” knot.

After clicking the button, modification option appears inside the WordPress post editor and you get informed on the top of the screen, that reminds you of the recovery.

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Update post and the restored version will be published on the website.

When you rollback the previous revision, the final version of the post not deleted from the database And you can come back to it anytime use the same Restore feature.

Configure Modifications in cấu hình

You can configure some modification related settings in your wp-config file. You can find wp-config.php in the root directory on your server and access it via FTP.

If you are not comfortable with editing the original file on your server use the edit edit plugin instead (see a few of them below).

Limited number of edits

To save space in your database, you can limited number of edits by adding the following line at the top of your wp-config file (after starting nhãn).

 # Lưu 5 bản sửa đổi cho mỗi bài đăng xác định ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5); 

Disable modification

You can also completely disabled post editing feature.

 # Tắt tính năng sửa đổi bài đăng xác định ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', sai); 

Change autosave interval

As noted above, the default autosave interval is 60 seconds. You can change this value in your wp-config file with the following code. You need to specify the autosave interval in seconds.

 # Đặt khoảng thời gian tự động lưu thành 180 giây xác định ('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 180); 

Revision Management Plugin

There are a few add revision management in the WordPress plugin repo. Below you can find a selection of them (all checked), however it is not a comprehensive list. You can find all official modification related WP plugins here on this link.

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WP Modification Master

The WP Modification Master plugin that allows you configuration settings modified right from your WordPress admin. You can disable modification, even by individual post types (posts, pages, products, etc.). You can also set the maximum number of revisionsthis way you don’t have to edit the wp-config file on your server.

Remove the simple revision

Remove the simple revision is a simple but very useful plugin. It doesn’t add a separate plugin page for the WP admin, just an elegant one “Purify” button to “Edit Post” screen. It delete all post edits belongs to a personal post Great way to quickly reduce the size of your database.

Watch out for the Purge button immediately delete all modificationsso only click it if you won’t need to modify it in the future.

The Simple Remove Modifications plugin also adds a “Revision purge” options for “All Posts” and “All Pages” screens. Using this feature you can get rid of unwanted post edits With a large amount.

Amendment strike

Amendment strike also a simple plugin but it can help you keep your database clean. It allows you to set Number of days the plugin can then remove the modifications and maximum number of revisions deleted at the same time.

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