Sync Bookmarks and Reading List in Microsoft Edge / Windows 10

If you’re an avid Google Chrome user, you’re probably familiar with the built-in sync feature tied to your Google account. With Chrome, all data is synced including installed extensions, autofill data, bookmarks, credit cards, passwords, history, settings, themes and even open tabs.

Of course, all of this is synced to any other device that can run Google Chrome, including Android and iOS phones, Chromebooks, or Mac/Linux machines. So far, this feature has not existed in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as a built-in feature.

With the previously released Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge now supports some really useful features: one is extensions and the other is synchronization. As of now, you can only sync your bookmarks and reading list between devices, which isn’t very exciting, but it’s a start.

Currently, Edge is only available on Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets (Surface). The Edge browser is also available on Xbox One, but syncing isn’t currently supported. That will come in a future update, however.

Set up a Microsoft account

To get started with syncing in Edge, you must first make sure you’re using a Microsoft account to sign in to your Windows device. If you’re using a local account on your computer, you won’t be able to sync everything.

You can do this by clicking Startafterward Setting and then click Account.

If you’re using a Microsoft account, you’ll see your profile picture and a link to manage your account online. If you’re using a local account, you’ll see an option to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Once you’re signed in to all your devices with your Microsoft account, click Synchronize your settings at the bottom of Account menu.

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This dialog will list all the individual items that can be synced with your Microsoft account. Most of the entries are related to Windows itself, but you’ll want to make sure Internet Explorer Settings and Other Windows Settings both are enabled.

Enable sync in Edge

Once you have completed the above tasks, we need to open Edge and allow device syncing. To do this, click the button with three dots in the top right and then click Setting.

Scroll down a bit until you see Account title and Account Settings link. You’ll only see that link if you’re not using a Microsoft account on that device.

If your Microsoft account is set up properly, you should be able to switch Sync your favorites and reading lists knot. Click Device sync settings the link will upload Synchronize your settings dialog I mentioned above.

It’s worth noting that you have to go ahead and enable Edge sync on each device manually, even if your other devices are signed in with the same Microsoft account.

Now, anything you save to your bookmarks or reading list will also appear on your other devices. You can access both of these items by clicking the button with three horizontal lines of different lengths. The star icon is for bookmarks and the second icon is for the reading list.

It’s also worth noting that Edge doesn’t sync as quickly as Chrome. With Chrome, the data syncs within seconds, but I have to wait anywhere from a few minutes to over half an hour before I see the data synced in Edge. Whatever the reason for the slowness, I hope that gets resolved soon.

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Future versions of Edge will likely support syncing other data like extensions, passwords, etc., but at this point it’s limited. Enjoy!

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