Quick Tip How to Recover Lost WordPress (LocalHost) Password / WordPress

If you design and develop a WordPress theme, you will most likely have a copy (localhost) in your machine for testing & debugging and previewing. This is a common mistake that some of us may make – we tend to forget the admin password.

If you forgot your password for your self-hosted WordPress blog online, it’s as easy as clicking “Forgot password” To recover. But in a localhost environment, the configuration may vary from machine to machine. Most of the time “Forgot password” will not work because the email system is not supported or is not set up properly.

In this article, I will present a simple workaround to login to your localhost WordPress Dashboard even if you forget your password or even login.


So you forgot your password or username or both. WordPress suggests you use “Forgot password“Recovery function but email system not set up properly in your localhost? Here’s how to get you back to Control Panel quickly.


Go into PhpMyAdmin. URL must be http: // localhost / phpmyadmin, but it may vary depending on the configuration. Find the database name on the left sidebar. In our case, it’s called “wordpress“.

Click “wordpress to see its table. Search * người dùngin our case it’s called wp1_users. Click on it and you will notice a page change on the right pane. đăng nhập người dùng the column shows you all the usernames you currently have. If you are looking for usernames, your problem is solved. But if you’re looking to recover your lost password, there’s one more thing you’ll need to do.

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Click on the pen icon to edit data for specific users. Search “mật khẩu của người dùng” field. Select “MD5” for Function drop it down and change it value to one A new passwordin our case the new password is the call “administrators“. Click GO once you are done.

That’s it! You just changed the password for the admin username to “administrators“.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Sandesh Sethi for Hongkiat.com. Sandesh is the founder of Vobliq.com – a blog about design, blogging and making money.

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