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WordPress has entered its 9th year as the content management system most website owners love and its design has evolved from the really simple part to the extremely impressive work for all. All kinds of unique styles are implemented.

Feeling that most of the designers nowadays prefer to use minimalistic and trendy design, we decided to go the no-go route, presenting you with unusual design WordPress Themes that defy the rules of grid or Implement essential graphic levels into the design.

These designs are not your average Joe. Some of them are able to maintain a balance between beauty and user-friendliness, but most of them have sacrificed user-friendliness and design theory for beauty. Can they be called successful designers? I’m not sure, but these designs have one thing in common – beauty, a great first impression factor for visitors. And now, they are on display here for you to enjoy.

Besides custom designs, there are tons of free beautiful WordPress Themes for you, check out our awesome resources to get them all!

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Vector Story

An elegant and inspiring design, perfect for showing off craftsmanship.

Pin Up Girl Lip Balm

A retro yet very interesting design that is a perfect fit for the specific product.


An original theme with a warm color palette makes visitors feel friendly while browsing it.

6 Wunderkinder

A minimalist theme that outlines important content with a design that doesn’t look awkward.

Cat rabbit

A cute and very interesting theme that increases the curiosity of the viewer to discover more about the site.


A great blend of raw art and personal style to create this unique theme.

Robin Round Workshop

Simple but comfortable. This design features a vibrant color palette that motivates visitors to check out the site.

Music Michelle Macedo

Wild mix of fonts and colors to create an absolutely artistic atmosphere that looks great on an artist’s website.


This theme may seem strange at first glance, but it is skillfully done and has a unique style that is different from others.

Red Bull BC One Star

A powerful and impressive theme that suits the event so much.


A simple yet expressive design, short but beautiful presentation by the designer himself.

Studio 2fresh

It’s a dark theme but it looks so powerful! Love the vibrant color scheme used on the header.

Alexandre Rudalov

A design with great lighting greatly improves the overall feel of the site, stunning work.

Sheena Oosten

The attractive design includes beautiful and artistic fonts.

Who is Leon?

A classic piece of art illustrated on a website, simply nice.

Van Coke Kartel

Really great combination of color schemes, typography, graphics and white space, great work!

Marketing Specialization

Nice layout positioning makes the whole site unique but not too cluttered.

Calobee Noodles

A charming design creates a friendly atmosphere that makes visitors feel cozier.


Interesting intro gives a great start to this personal website.

Every time I die

A design done in rock’n roll style, has a lot of uncontrollable power and, it’s cool!

Hugs for Monsters

Looks weird but very cool. This design has shown the great imagination and creativity of the designer himself.

Wawa Coffeetopia

Great for coffee lovers, as this design and its color scheme really encourage me to have a nice cup of coffee!


Innovative and fun design made to appeal to gamers!

Water sports expert

Great combination of retro graphics, that’s how a website makes its syndicated event look fun and engaging!

Communication 2 a.m

Elegant design with perfectly positioned elements, it’s modern web design!

Design wise

Good design is a good start to good business, this design proves it.

Creative Spout

Minimalist but properly designed website. Simple and young, I’m feeling good.


The extremely unique design really tempts visitors to see what this amazing site has to offer.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Ann Cheen for Ann is a freelance writer who is also fascinated by design and photography. If she’s not writing, she’s running around taking pictures of her hometown for her collection.

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